Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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This cartoon was inspired by a youtube video I saw by Philip Defranco (Sxephil) where he talked about a family on youtube with a prank channel named DaddyOFive, where the parents would "prank" their kids which a lot of people found to be both psychologically and physically abusive. After Philip Defranco's video blew up and put attention on the DaddyOfive channel the family responded with a new video claiming they are a great family and the kids love making the videos. Here's the video of Philip Defranco covering the story

After seeing that video I was in bed one morning and I kept picturing the dad from my cartoon family, Harut, being upset about a channel like DaddyOfive having a bigger audience (over 1 million) than Harut and his family (16,000). It also reflects my own experience with trying to grow my youtube channel for the past 10 years. Enjoy!

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Armenian Genocide - April 24 1915

My Youtube channel is a comedy channel, but April 24th is a date both of my grandparents were affected by. So I created this video in remembrance of the 1.5 Million Armenians who lost their lives. We remember. We survive.

“Armenia is dying, but it will survive. The little blood that is left is precious blood that will give birth to a heroic generation. A nation that does not want to die, does not die” - Anatole France
(French author, 1916)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thought Of The Day - Fire Drills

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Funny animated cartoon thoughts read by Harut. This thought was posted by Reddit user Asthmatic_scotsman (shower thoughts). Post your own thoughts in the comments and Harut might read yours!

Thought Of The Day - The Way I Look

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Funny animated cartoon thoughts read by Harut. This thought was posted by Reddit user Kev_De (shower thoughts). Post your own thoughts in the comments and Harut might read yours!

Friday, April 7, 2017

FUNNY VIDEOS - Animated Cartoons Of Armenian American Family (1 hour)

A compilation of animated cartoons starring an Armenian family. Two brothers named Abo & Karo and their parents Harut and Sophik. One hour long video!

Quick little update on the current cartoon I'm working on. It will be a one minute cartoon based on a conversation between my daughter and my dad. The cartoon will be in Armenian but will have English subtitles. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Failed Kickstarter Turned Into Animated Short

About a year ago, some friends and I launched a Kickstarter campaign with the hope of raising enough money to create an animated feature starring my Youtube cartoon characters Abo, Karo, Sophik and Harut. To help promote the campaign we created a 20-30 second cartoon per week leading up to the deadline and we created posters which were posted up by different Armenian business owners all over Glendale and Burbank. The process was really exciting in the beginning, but as we got closer to the deadline and I realized we weren't going to get anywhere close to our goal the feeling of discouragement and self doubt crept in. When the campaign was finally over I felt burned out and drained emotionally. I began to question whether the time and effort I had put into these cartoons for over 10 years had been a waste of time. After some time had passed, I began to think about the promotional cartoons we had made during the campaign and how much time and effort was put into creating those. I didn't want them to go to waste. Then I had the idea of combining them into one short by having Karo (Abo's brother) narrate the whole thing. Poking fun at his naive brother with big dreams. I also created new scenes inspired by my experience. In the end it resulted in a 6 minute animated cartoon! Enjoy